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Do you need an efficient Internet marketing plan? Our specialists are more than happy to take care of it for you - effectively, quickly and professionally.

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What makes us different is the ability to estimate the results of the campaign

Analysis, planning, media, strategic advice

Planning a campaign takes us 1-2 weeks. The client receives a file from us covering analysis of target groups, insights, contact points matched to target groups, media recommendations and a media plan. We estimate the campaign results based on previous experience and analyzes performed with available online tools.

Communication and promotional tools

Depending on the specifics of the client’s industry, we select the optimal mix of tools: including SEO (positioning), Adwords campaigns (links and GDN), campaigns on YT and other video portals, campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with redirection to the web, campaigns on RTB networks and on portals, cooperation with bloggers and influencers. We present reports on the campaign results in weekly and monthly periods.

Designing the concept of the campaign and media

Good creation is 50% of the success of each graphic campaign. Our creative department - graphic designers and copywriters - first prepare a coherent creative concept for the campaign, then reformat the initial projects into target media.

Brand creation on social media

We select the optimal media for your brand, create initial content and strategy that will engage your clients. Social media are excellent tools to reach specific users.

Content marketing that sells

We write articles for blogs, create guides, build articles and scripts. According to the last year’s research, over 77% of content in the Internet is made of video. With us you can count on a comprehensive approach - content, photo and video sessions are ideally customized to the needs.

The campaign implementation process



Planning a campaign begins with completing the brief by the client, i.e. a short survey in which he describes the assumptions of the campaign, goals, target groups, competitors. At this stage, together with the client, we are wondering whether it should be an image or sales campaign. At this stage, we often organize 1-2 workshop meetings with the client.



Before choosing the media and activity, we carry out an analysis of competitors' brand communications for a planned campaign. The intensity of competitors' actions affects the results estimation and the budget size that the client should have.



The effects of digital campaign are practically 100% measurable - in contrast to other activities (e.g. outdoor or TV). Therefore, already at the stage of media plan, we can forecast the results and present them in the media plan. At the brief stage, the customer should specify the budget size or the sales goals they want to achieve.



Creation is always a subjective topic, which is why we often say that the client doesn’t have to like it, the most important thing is to meet expectations of the target goup. At the stage of creating the campaign, we propose 2-3 concepts. Later on they are modified into the media used in the campaign.



At this stage of work, we often carry out activities to improve the effectiveness of the campaign. For example, we change the way the product is presented on the website, add configurators, rebuild main pages, launch landing pages, and rebrand social profiles. Also at this stage, we design all media, produce spots and write content for articles. Depending on the complexity of the campaign, this stage can last from a week to even a month.



The initial configuration of the campaign is the appropriate setting of accounts, setting indicators that enable testing the effectiveness of individual creations, measuring buttons and forms. The campaign configuration stage is a key moment before the campaign starts.



We recommend piloting for all campaigns. We conduct pilot projects to check campaign assumptions on a limited budget and within a specified time. Thanks to this, we save the budget and get better results later in the campaign. All campaign results are available online and reports are prepared depending on the campaign size once a week or once a month. We know from experience that day-to-day care of campaign results is crucial.

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